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Are you receiving payments on a real estate note?

Why wait years to collect?

Convert your future payments into cash now!

We Buy Real Estate Notes, Promissory Notes and Trust Deeds

If you have a real estate note, mortgage, real estate contract, trust deed or other cash flow being paid to you over a number of payments, we can get you cash for it now. We buy real estate contracts, promissory notes secured by real estate, seller carry-back notes, 1st position, 2nd position, even if the note is in default. We can usually get you money for your note within 10 days. If it is something we don't buy, we can sell it for you or refer you to a reputable broker who does.

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If this is something you may be interested in, give us a call, even if you are not interested in selling at this time, it may be beneficial for you to know the value of your note, in case you did want to sell it in the future.  We can also provide information on what you can do to increase the value of your real estate note to make it more valuable for if /when you want to sell it in the future.

We buy real estate notes and can get you a fast quote over the phone and cash in your pocket within 1-2 weeks, with no out of pocket expenses to you, and no brokerís fees or commissions. Call or email your information for a free quote.

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Useful Information

If you have a real estate note you would like to sell, to expedite things, it helps to gather some information before calling us. We will need this information before we can make an offer on it. We normally need to know various specifics including:

  • Amount Due and Interest Rate of Note

  • When and how note/loan was created

  • Address of the property and approximate value

  • It is very handy to have a copy of the Note Itself

  • and a copy of the Deed of Trust or Mortgage securing it (if applicable)

Once you have this information, give us a call for a quick free quote or submit your information on this form

Note Information Form

What is my Real Estate Note Worth?

The value of your note depends on many factors but the most important ones are:

  • Interest Rate of the note

  • Collateral securing the note

  • Length of note

  • Credit worthiness of the party making payments to you

  • Current economic conditions

We buy notes to obtain a good yield on our money, the riskier the note, the less we are willing to pay for it. The shorter the note, the more it is worth. The higher the note interest rate, the more it is worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the link below for common questions note owners have.


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